Plus Two Complementary Regional Themes: Workforce Development and People & Goods Movement

June 26, 2018  8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton-Burlington

A marquee gathering of leaders from across the Greater Golden Horseshoe focused on regional connectivity and collaboration to drive global competitiveness. 


Two Complementary Regional Themes:
Workforce Development and People & Goods Movement

June 26, 2018 | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm | Royal Botanical Gardens | Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario

Plan to attend this premier leadership event focused on connectivity and collaboration across the Greater Golden Horseshoe — the foundation of a world class regional economy.


The Innovation Corridor Business Council’s inaugural day-long summit will be hosted by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, a leading business association with a ten-year history of organizing premier events focused on regional economic development.

The summit will contribute to building an advanced manufacturing supercluster in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This long-term effort was initiated by the Innovation Corridor Business Council and continues to gain momentum under the leadership of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada.

The summit aligns with the federal government’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative and builds on significant work to date by a variety of organizations to position and promote this region as the heart of manufacturing and technology in Canada.

To date, over 100 partners from the corridor and beyond have pledged more than $800 million in funding and in-kind commitments toward this supercluster. The aim is to become one of five nationally recognized superclusters across Canada supported in part by the federal government through the Innovation Superclusters Initiative. This will lay the foundation for Canada to join the world’s top ten centres for advanced manufacturing.

The agenda will cover three regional priorities:

Advanced Manufacturing

Working together to strengthen a corridor-wide ecosystem to achieve global benchmarks in next generation manufacturing enabled by new and emerging technologies.

Workforce Development

Producing the deep and diversified pool of talent that Canada’s Innovation Corridor needs to drive innovation and world class performance in the high tech advanced manufacturing sector and beyond.

People & Goods Movement

Accelerating the adoption of comprehensive plans to remove bottlenecks and markedly improving the efficient movement of people and goods across Canada’s Innovation Corridor and beyond — an essential step in regional connectivity and global competitiveness.


Canada’s Innovation Corridor Business Council is a strong collaboration of leading Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade representing over 21,000 businesses in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The mission is to supercharge the next era of growth through promoting regional connectivity and collaboration. The Council’s current regional priorities include: Advanced Manufacturing, Workforce Development, and People & Goods Movement.

Canada’s Innovation Corridor is a globally significant economic region centred in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and anchored by Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Hamilton. The corridor generates 17% of Canada’s GDP and ranks among other dominant regions in North America, Europe and Asia. It boasts Canada’s highest concentration of companies and institutions that compete and win on the world stage in high growth sectors fuelled by skilled talent and technology.

The council is comprised of the following Chambers and Boards of Trade:



Breakfast Greetings

Opening Remarks: Welcome to Canada’s Innovation Corridor

Context Setting Address: Excellence in an Age of Global Economic Regions

Signature Presentation: Building Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

Plenary Panel: Fueling our Manufacturing Supercluster with Awesome Talent

Topical Breakouts


Luncheon Greetings

Corridor Mayors’ Panel: Regional Connectivity and Collaboration

Inaugural “Corridor Builder Award”

Keynote Address: Marquee Speaker TBD


Presentation: People and Goods Movement: Perspectives from the Corridor Plenary Panel: Seamless Movement for a Growing Economic Region Topical Breakouts Closing Plenary Re­marks



Royal Botanical Gardens

Canada’s Innovation Corridor Summit will be hosted at the Royal Botanical Gardens, the largest botanical garden in Canada, a National Historic Site, and registered charitable organization with a mandate to bring together people, plants and nature.


680 Plains Rd W
Burlington, ON L7T 4H4



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